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About Sweetest Pea

Designing delicate-looking, fun and feminine styles of jewelry has always been my passion. My daughter started joining me, when I was creating, and came up with some beautiful designs herself. She encouraged me to start selling our pieces for others to enjoy. I've named the business after her - Sweetest Pea is her dad's nickname for her.

A graphic artist by trade, and a mom of two who both started in a Montessori preschool, also led me to design the educational placemat we offer. I love the independence that Montessori encourages in young children and the idea of a placemat that could be personalized and teach kids how to set their own place at the table was something I wanted to create.

Thank you for checking out our site. We'd love it if you visited our etsy store: or visit my personal graphic design website: I'm also a contributing writer at where you can find tons of wonderful tips/ideas to help guide you through your journey as a mother.